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7inch,8inch 9.7inch,10inch Tablet pc leather keyboardcase 7inch,10inch are available,OEM,china
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Product Tag: 7inch,8inch 9.7inch,10inch Tablet pc leather keyboardcase 7inch,10inch are available
Product Description
Leather keyboardcase with bluetooth for Google Andriod ePad 7'' 8'' 9.7'' 10''

Material: High-quality Synthetic leather

Innovative yet practical, quite a fantastic and considerate idea!
If you prefer to type on a keyboard rather than use a touch screen or like to use your TouchPad in a laptop position this protective case with its own built-in keyboard is the perfect accessory. What’s more, it has a stand to hold your touchpad, which helps you use your pad more comfortably and conveniently.

New and high quality, never used
Great PU material, soft and comfortable, no peeling
With a card stand to support tablet PC
You can put your tablet PC on desk with this leather case
Keyboard and USB 2.0 interface design, come with a stylus
Size: 11.22”L x 7.48”W x 1.18”H (285mm x 190mm x 30mm)
Color: Black 

2-in-1:Built-in Keyboard & Folding Leather Protective Case.
Stylish and high grade protective leather case designed for ePad.
With display stand for easy viewing
QWERTY keyboard
With LED indicators
Good touch feeling
Quiet keystrokes
Waterproof and dustproof design
Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle
Executive design
Easy operation, need no drive, just plug and play.
Ideal for businessman, students, travelers etc 

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