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Analysis India Mobile Industry
Tag:N8 TV mobile phone    Date:2010/7/16

Nowadays, India has already become one of the mobile phones markets developing fastest over the world. The number of increased customers is about 6 million averagely every month. In India, the retained number of mobile phones is 135 million currently, predicting it will be up to 450 million in 2010.

Mobile phones have become a necessary part in Indians’ life. The expanding consumers group there has introduced abundant business opportunities.

Last year, Indian mobile phone consumers have spent 250 million US dollars in services excepting for call, including SMS, music download, wallpaper download, game and WAP etc. It is estimated that the number will be up to 1700 million in 2010.

The demand of mobile phone multimedia services is tremendous in India, because mobile phones have been ubiquitous in Indians’ life. Young people liking mobile consumption have strong desire on mobile phone multimedia services. For meeting customers’ need, factories have to develop smart mobile phones not only have functions of call and various multimedia, but also have English, Indian local languages and other languages.

Furthermore, it is necessary to realize the village region with 75% of national population in India. Because customers there are very sensitive to price, mobile industry has to reduce it primarily. Therefore, we have issued several customized mobile phones with low price especially for Indian market.