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Digium Forges Partnership with Orderly Software for Call Center Market
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The company that created and develops Asterisk, the popular open source telephony platform, reportedly is joining a British group to provide new call center services.

Officials at Hunstville, Alabama-based Digium Inc. say they’ve started work already with Orderly Software, whose flagship software-based product – “OrderlyQ” – is designed to optimize call center queuing by leveraging companies’ existing technology.
Digium has been using the Exeter-based Orderly Software’s call center management and monitoring platform, “OrderlyStats,” for a while in its own call center, according to Jim Webster, the Asterisk company’s director of technology partnerships.
“We found OrderlyStats to be among the best real-time management and historical statistics packages we have seen,” Webster said. “We are looking forward to working closely with Orderly Software to further enhance their Asterisk offerings.”
Asterisk’s use in the call center is a testament to the platform’s flexibility – a major draw in this slower economy.
Digium Chief Executive Officer Danny Windham and Chief Technical Officer Mark Spencer talked about the Asterisk platform’s growing popularity.
“If you think of Asterisk as a technology, it’s extremely broad in what it addresses, so in addition to being a PBX, it’s also a platform that can be used for conferencing, for call recording, for lots of things,” Spencer said. “The Asterisk ecosystem reflects that broadness because typically a company is only able to focus on a subset of that market.”
Orderly Software’s specific solutions already are used in hundreds of call centers worldwide.
The company’s managing director, Matt King, said Orderly Software is “thrilled” with its new business partnership with Digium, since it uses Asterisk in nearly everything it does.
“This partnership will enable us to help even more of the Asterisk community by providing our best-of-breed call center solutions to a wider audience,” King said.