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Surface pro is the world's first tablet pc
Tag:Surface pro; tablet pc    Date:2013/7/30
Surface history of Microsoft really optimized for the touch screen's first Tablet PC, Microsoft has been very hard to promote, hoping it successfully gain market share. As a high-tech giant, Microsoft is not only carried out a global advertising and marketing, while the official himself has done a lot of external publicity and statements to strongly praised the device. Recently, general manager of Microsoft Surface Surface division again Surface Tablet PC conducted a propaganda. He said, Surface is the world's number one tablet in its productivity, especially since it is equipped with a removable keyboard, while also providing a Microsoft Publisher Office suite.

Surface division, said: "In general, people talk about how they like Surface, the majority will think Surface is really the world's first tablet productivity of course, or a tablet with a beautiful design."

"Surface unique place is that you can also use it for office, because it has the Office suite, iconic keyboard and stand, as well as various interfaces, especially when you need to share files via USB from cameras come with photos, clean up the SD card storage space, or when the connection screen or monitor. "

Recently there have been rumors that Microsoft will soon release the second generation of Surface Tablet PC, the fastest will be held next month in San Francisco Build 2013 conference. Meanwhile Windows 8 operating system will mark the first major upgrade Windows 8.1, Microsoft is expected to be at the meeting in addition to Surface, the will to come up with a variety of different screen sizes of the new Windows Tablet, including 8.1 inches of Acer W3.