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Microsoft Small windows8 tablet given high expectations
Tag:windows8 tablet    Date:2013/7/30
According to foreign media reports, although Microsoft had tried to Surface and Surface RT tablet in one fell swoop into the iPad and Android devices were originally two sub-world of the tablet PC market, but after the release of the two devices never seem to reach the actual performance of Microsoft's expectations . In this regard, now Microsoft seems to have its own focus on the small size Windows Tablet equipment.
However, the U.S. leading technology media, "PC World" (PCWorld) freelance writer Brad - Charing Cross (Brad Chacos), has written recently that Microsoft thinks small tablet device will save the next generation of Windows Tablet PC naive idea because the application of the ecosystem is the success of the company's current tablet market spoiler pattern the most critical factor.
Tablet PC is like speed with squally showers changing the global consumer technology industry.
When Microsoft's designers and engineers worked on the sketch when developing Windows 8 operating system, 9.7-inch iPad in the tablet market has accumulated unimaginable influence, the device has a high market share, and far is trying to catch up ahead of the other Android tablets. From this perspective, Windows Tablet PC seems to be born in the future before it has been buried in a large-size tablet fence being.
However, soon after the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble launched the Nook, Google (microblogging) launched the Nexus 7 tablet. We suddenly found that consumers seem to have a love of this small size overnight cheap tablet. October 23, 2012, Apple finally conform to this trend, released the iPad mini. Despite three days, Microsoft released a special screen for more than 10 inches optimized Windows 8 operating system, but the company actually has been in competition in the tablet a backward state.
Now, with Windows Tablet PC has never been able to fully attract the attention of consumers, Microsoft has begun to change their strategy and started for the small size of Windows Tablet PC launch preparations. Co-Head of Microsoft Windows Tami - Lehrer (Tami Reller) has disclosed that Microsoft can better address the upcoming 7-8 inch tablet life issues Windows 8 upgrade the system "Windows Blue". After this, Asus and Acer said he plans to launch small-sized Windows Tablet PC, many other manufacturers believe it will have to follow such a practice.
However, the small size of the Tablet PC Windows Tablet PC really be able to solve the real problems facing you?
Price leverage
Before we discuss any question, clearly worth the price we first launched a topic. Currently, Google provides to hardware manufacturers free Android system, and Microsoft through hardware manufacturers to individual consumers or sales of Windows 8 system authorized get a lot of revenue. So, in general, Windows Tablet PC prices will be higher than with the same hardware specifications of the Android Tablet PC.

We believe that this alone is sufficient to Windows Small size tablet strangled in the cradle. Imagine if the user can be $ 200 purchase price of a Google Nexus 7, then he will be willing to pay $ 380 purchase price of a 8 in. Windows Tablet PC (with message display, equipped with Windows 8 operating system, the Acer Iconia W3 Sale price will reach $ 380) do?
Of course, Microsoft may make compromises to solve this problem. Many recent reports have pointed out that Microsoft will screen size 10.8 inch touchscreen device with a larger discount rate to provide Windows 8 an authorization, the price may even be as low as $ 30 each.
Microsoft spokesman declined to OEM manufacturers to get the system license price for comment. But there are many indications are that the so-called "system license discount" Yes indeed exist. Earlier this month, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer CEO Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) has said that Asus plans to release a Windows 8 tablet PC small size and less than 10 inches are expected Windows Tablet PC prices will eventually be reduced to $ 300 less.
Well-known market research firm Gartner research vice president consumer devices Karolina - Milan Xi (Carolina Milanesi) argued that the selling price of less than $ 300 for the small size of Windows Tablet PC will be crucial.
"I think, an 8-inch Tablet PC Windows RT is probably attract the attention of consumers a recipe, but the price of this device with Android devices can not have a big gap if I were hardware manufacturers, then, $ 299 is the highest price I can accept that, unless we can find the tablet and smart phone bundling a better way. "Milan Xi wrote in a" PC World, "the e-mail case said.
Of course, even in the $ 300 price point, Windows 8 Tablet PC also needs to provide more than $ 200 Nexus 7 more value to impress consumers. So, Microsoft will approach how to achieve this it?
In this regard, one possible answer is probably "had tried to forget to embrace Microsoft's Windows 8 interface elements - the desktop."
Return to the "Desktop"
However, such a seemingly obvious choice for Microsoft seems to bring a lot of potential risks. For example, although Intel's processors have been developed in a number of energy-saving features to make it at the technical level to the small size of the Tablet PC carries the Windows desktop, but this feature is really needed by the user?
Moor Insights and Strategy, founder and principal analyst Patrick - Moorhead (Patrick Moorhead) said that: "Windows to 7-8 inches in the tablet PC market will be very interesting, but I think that only the device manufacturers introduced devices can easily connect mouse, keyboard and large display under the premise of these peripheral devices, Windows existence of traditional desktop interface will be meaningful, because in the 7-8 inch screen running on the Windows desktop will provide users with a poor user experience. "
Still remember with a 7-inch screen Asus Eee PC do? Netbook fast to 10 or 12-inch screen device transition has deep-seated reasons behind, and that is the small size of the screen using the traditional Windows desktop interface unbearable. In this interface, the text will appear small and difficult for users to accurately click on a button or open the navigation menu. And this is precisely why she's Eee PC using only 800x480 resolution reason (the lower the resolution, the larger font). But now, with the endless stream of high-resolution devices, this problem is not only not been resolved, and even has been further worsened.
Windows 8 Desktop allows users to enlarge the size of the text in order to enable consumers to obtain a better user experience, but this feature also brings some other problems. For example, although the user enlarged font easier to read, but non-Microsoft web sites and applications of the visual experience will become very bad. Currently, Surface Pro Tablet PC's default font size is 150%, but even so, many of the devices and control function interface default menu buttons for touch operation is still too small.
Office suite
In small-size flat strategic issues, Microsoft faces another major problem comes from their own Office suite.
Anecdotal had such a rumor: Windows licensing fees decline is partly due to the small size of the screen on Office licensing costs decline. According to the Finnish website leaked Acer Iconia W3 configuration information display, the tablet will be powered by default Office Home and Student Edition shipments, and this seems to have become the standard configuration of Windows RT.
As a downright desktop applications, Office suite Microsoft has yet to become a mobile device to help increase consumer appeal key factor. If this software is really able to do this, I believe that on the counter now Windows RT devices have long been sold out it. Moreover, the smaller size of the device, Office of attraction will usher in further decline.
"Although the Office is a good application, but not enough to change the whole situation." Milan Xi said the case.
In fact, more suitable for finger touch operation Modern Office For consumers will have a more attractive, at least some consumers can arouse tablet for small size greater interest. However, Windows 8 Microsoft's small size does not seem the ideal Tablet PC operating system, Windows RT is the better choice.
Windows RT of the storm
Unfortunately, Windows RT also has some problems. So far people have not fully accepted Windows RT, although the system is equipped with a tablet optimized specifically for the Windows Strore app store and "live tiles" interface, but the hardware manufacturers are still reluctant to vigorously develop Windows RT products. Moreover, even Microsoft's next major publicity of the center of gravity Windows RT tablet is also the field of retail channel suffered a Waterloo.

So why is Microsoft's huge bet never did give their own rewards equal to it? Outside analysts believe that the cause of the reason was due to Microsoft in a big way, although the promotion of this new user interface, but the development of this interface is not yet mature. Another more important question is that, Windows RT application of the ecosystem development stagnation.
According to the third-party application tracker MetroStore Scanner data presented show that although the Windows Store has more than 75,000 lines of application, but many still do not have heavyweight applications to launch its own version of Windows RT, plus Windows RT is not a traditional desktop interface that a factor which makes a lot of users of Windows RT prohibitive. A recent survey shows that most users rarely use Microsoft Windows 8 touch operation specifically optimized software.
Therefore, the application of the ecosystem is imperfect, rather than Windows Tablet screen size is currently facing the greatest difficulties. For Windows RT tablet PC users, this seems particularly obvious defects (because Windows RT is not compatible with the traditional Windows desktop software, so the system is completely dependent on Windows Store applications are provided).
Moorhead said: "hinder the development of Windows Tablet PC market, the biggest obstacle is the lack of well-known 'long tail applications' (long-tail apps). Now from the launch of Windows 8 has passed nine months time, but this system still missing, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ these applications, and the Evernote application development platform slightly rough quality. dimensions slightly smaller launch Windows 8 Tablet PC or to a certain extent, solve this problem, but in the end not once the meter. "
In this regard, Gartner research vice president Milan Xi consumer devices are also considered "Windows 8's biggest problem is the lack of content."
"I think Microsoft needs to put more energy to focus on content, rather than primarily relying Office to attract users, after all, the small size of the Tablet PC the key to success lies in 'digital content consumption' rather than 'digital content creation.' Microsoft can increased cooperation with the Barnes & Noble e-books, adding from the Xbox games, music and videos and other methods to create more attractive for this platform. "Milan Xi said the case.
We believe that the small size of the Tablet PC probably does not apply to Windows 8, if Microsoft can well solve the user interface problem, Windows RT will probably be 7-8 inches Tablet PC ideal operating system. Of course, Microsoft also needs to provide more applications to help Windows RT ways to get rid of the shadow of death.
Despite the small size of the display device is currently being favorable for consumers, and Microsoft needs to participate in order to maintain themselves in the tablet PC market competitive, but overall small size of the device to the Windows Tablet PC transformation is not the problem solution. Transition to the small size of the device requires Microsoft to make a greater extent compared to the previous compromise, because of the small screen device will bring more frustrating desktop experience, and the Windows Store app store is Microsoft need to give great attention to one aspect.
So, if the small size of the screen instead of the current plight of the Windows Tablet PC ideal solution for the proposition that the real answer, what is it? Applications!
Microsoft is required to own the same Android, Apple Tablet PC effectively distinguish more concise, more and better applications. To this end, Microsoft is now taking all possible ways to attract more application developers, but the battle has not been successful. However, once Microsoft really done this, Windows Tablet PC will probably be in the eyes of many consumers to truly become "meat and potatoes."
Of course, those Windows "mix the" not on us within the scope of this discussion.